Let’s Get Personal

(It’s pronounced ASH-ling in Ireland, and that’s how I pronounce it.)

Well, enough abou SL generalities. In my last entry I talked about love and romance, And how SL relationships can lead to RL frienndships.

Which is what happened to me.


I have the great honor of serving Goddess Amoure Vyper. She has never demanded a thing from me, and yet I have voluntarily surrendered to her. She has captured my heart and soul. I truly love Her.

We have different RL schedules, so we don’t often get to see each other. But when we do, it always brings me great joy. In fact, I’m rarely in-world if she’s not there.

Amoure(It isn’t the best picture because of SL’s limitations on photography)

Anyway, I’ll be posting more about us in the days to come.


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