Customizing Your Avatar. or, How I Got to be Me

I wasn’t always the ravishing beauty I am today. Far from it. But with a few tricks (and a ton of freebies), I remolded myself into the fiery-haired beauty I am today.

This is how I looked when I began my journey:


Which may be exactly the way some of you look even now. Pretty dull, huh? Well, let’s fix that right now, shall we? After all, you don’t want to look like everybody else, do you?

The places to start are:

The Free Dove Fashion. It’s been in business for over 11 years, and is your one-stop shopping spot for clothes, skins (your skin determines your appearance), makeup, and so much more. Sadly, they no longer carry shapes. For customizable shapes, head on over to:

New Resident Island, which also has clothing, hair, skins, shapes and, most importantly, a fully modifiable shape. To find it, look for this doorway, walk into the shop, turn left and walk through the curtain. The shape will be against the wall to your immediate right.

NCI Kuula – New Citizens Incorporated – Help/Classes/Freebies is another great source of freebies. In addition, there are usually one or two people available to answer any and all questions you may have about SL. Check the calendar for training classes.

One of my favorite places for classes is Caledon Oxbridge Gateway – New Resident Help. Take a class and learn how to make a skirt.

LONDON CITY, which claims to be “The most popular destination on the SL grid.” Here you’ll find friends, freebies, dancing, and so much more.

Yasum Design is another great place for high-quality clothing, skins, and shapes.

Freebies Warehouse – Clothes and Fitting Rooms, plus other things you never knew you needed.

Second Life Marketplace

Second Life Marketplace isn’t located in-world. That is, you don’t have to launch the SL Viewer to shop there. You access it via your web browser. There are thousands of items for sale, as well as many nice freebies. I’ll devote an entire post to it.

Until next time!


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